What is Drive Weather?

After failing to convince my son to go to college in Colorado, I ended up having to drive him to Iowa State.  See, they have airplanes to Denver, not Ames.  Driving to Ames I’d invariably end up going through a torrential downpour. Now I’m the type of guy who likes that, but I could see how some people don’t.   In my aviation app, Wx24Pilot, I already had the technology that calculates the forecast on each point of a trip.   So it made sense to change the airplane icon into a car icon, call it Drive Weather, and put in on the App Store.

Drive Weather is simple to use and communicates a wealth of weather information clearly and efficiently providing what you need a safer trip.

My other app, AtmosphereWeather, is an easy to read and unique presentation of the weather forecast with a great logo.  I mean, how can you go wrong with that?

Paxton Calvanese

1 Echo Charlie LLC