What is Drive Weather?

Drive Weather is an easy way of looking at the enroute forecast for a road trip or long commute.  It provides the tools for drivers to easily and quickly know what the forecast calls for along a route and lets the user interactively change times t0 see the changing weather and find the safest time to leave.

Drive Weather presents the weather conditions at each step of your drive.  It calculates your time at each point and presents the weather at that location for that time.

The Difference!

But there are many apps that do that.  The difference is that Drive Weather communicates a huge amount of weather information very efficiently.  The volume of weather forecast presented builds confidence as trends can easily be identified.  Specifics are often wrong but trends tell the whole story. The specifics of one location says one thing, seeing the rain move in and over 50 locations paints a full picture.    That is why drive weather presents so many locations.  There is confidence in numbers.

Drive weather’s interface is sophisticated and well thought out, it is based on my aviation weather app Wx24 Pilot.  Wx24 Pilot provides the same feature but for flights.  The life and death weather decisions made during pre flight demanded a system that could efficiently process and present a huge amount of weather forecast information so that the more complete and confident decisions are made.   This same technology is in Drive Weather.

In the US the data is provided by the National Weather Service (thanks to your tax dollars).  Drive Weather’s claim is that it presents an official forecast in a way that makes it easy and quick for the user to decide what to do, to see areas of concern and find a safer time to leave.