The Story

Atmosphere Weather is based by my aviation weather app, Wx24Pilot. Shown to the right.  The problem with aviation weather is the sheer volume of aviation weather reports to evaluate.  There was no system that could compile them on one screen and let me find what I needed to know.  In addition many of the reports are alphanumeric (see below) which are intensive to interpret.  The process of gathering all the relevant reports, deciphering them took too long. I knew there was a better way – a visual way.  So I put together Wx24 Pilot.

I would typically fly from Chicago to the Rockies or Florida, a 1,000 mile flight. In a small airplane it takes about 7 hours.  In a small aircraft you are more susceptible to the weather and often weather is a matter of life and death.  After one of those experiences I committed to developing Wx24Pilot.   In short it took a 15 minute pre flight planning process down to just a few seconds and gave me greater confidence in my knowledge of the forecast

I used all the same information every other aviation app, avionic and website used, but just by rearranging the data and thinking out of the box I was able to give a much better presentation that gave me complete confidence in knowing the forecast conditions, thereby ensuring a safer flight.   My app was able to do what no one else has done before.  By virtue of the presentation I was able to look at a hundred forecasts in seconds.  With the volume of information comes greater confidence and a safer flight.  Not only that, I also introduced about 4 new and innovative ways to evaluate and process aviation weather information.

Seeing the same need for safety in driving, I used the same technology and founding principles in Wx24 Pilot of presenting a large amount of weather forecast information and interactivity to make Drive Weather.