Great Road Trip Games

Great Road Trip Games

Road trips often means long hours spent sitting in car traveling from one stop to the next. Road trip games can help to break up the monotony of those long road trips and make the entire trip fun for for the entire family or group of friends. Here are some great road trip games suitable for children and adults.

1. Rhyming Words

This is a simple, but fun game for people of all ages. One person says a word and then one at time everyone says a word that rhymes with that word. For example, if the starting word is Bug others may add tug, lug, hug, mug, jug, dug etc. The rhyme continues until someone can’t think of another rhyming word.

Then you can start another round using another word.

2. License Plate Games

There are a number of different license plate games that keep travelers entertained for hours. You can find and record license plates from different states trying to find as many states as possible. Each individual can keep a list or you can try and find the license plates as a group.

Another game you can play is take the letters on the license plate and make up a phrase such as BBY may be turned into Baby Boy Yodels, or ELF can be turned into Elephants Love Fireflies. This can be a fun game for both children and adults.

3. Car Scavenger Hunt

Car Scavenger hunts can be great fun, but will take a little preparation prior to your road trip. Your can make up a daily scavenger hunt page for each day of your trip or one long paper for the entire trip. Simply make a list of things that everyone will be able to see from the car windows such as tractors, cows, horses, sheep, barns, corn stalks, ponds, lakes, billboards and other items and then each person crosses off each item they see as they travel along.

You can also set a time period for which they can look for the items and then the person who finds the most items wins.

4. Unfortunately/ Fortunately

This can be a fun game than lead to a lot of laughter. The game can take the form of a story or can be simple simple sentences. For example the game can start with a simple sentence like “ I bought a parakeet yesterday.” The next person then adds to the story “Unfortunately, the parakeet flew away” Followed by “ Fortunately, he returned later that night” then “Unfortunately, he brought a group of wild birds with him. From there the story goes on with each sentence starting with fortunately and unfortunately.

6. The Banana Game

This is a simple game that very young children love. You simply have everyone try and see as many yellow vehicles as they can in given time period. You can then switch different colors or go with how many semis, trucks, or campers they can spot.

There are also a number of other road trip games you can play for those all adult road trips that will keep everyone engaged and having a great time.