Great Road Trip Games

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Road trips often mean extensive hours spent sitting in a car traveling from one stop to the next. Long stretches of highway between stops can create boredom and tension. Road trip games can help break up the monotony and make the entire trip fun for the entire family or group of friends. Here are some great road trip games suitable for children and adults.

1. Rhyming Words

This is a simple, but fun game for people of all ages. One person says a word and then going around the car each person, on at a time, says a word that rhymes with the first word spoken. For example, if the starting word is “bug” others may add tug, lug, hug, mug, jug, dug, etc. The rhyme continues until someone is unable to think of another rhyming word. When this happens, start another round using another word.

2. License Plate Games

There are several different license plate games to keep travelers entertained. In this game you find and record license plates from different states trying to find as many states as possible. Each person can keep a list or the license plates they find, or you can find the license plates as a group crossing them off a list as you go.

Another license plate game you can play is to take the letters on the license plate and make up a phrase using those letters. For example, “BBY” may be turned into “Baby Boy Yodels”, or “ELF” can be turned into “Elephants Love Fireflies”. This can be a fun game for both children and adults.

3. Car Scavenger Hunt

A Car Scavenger Hunts can be great fun. However, it will take a little preparation prior to your road trip. Make up a scavenger hunt page for each day of your trip or one long list for the entire trip. On the list you will need to include items of things that everyone will be able to see from the car windows. The list can contain objects such as tractors, cows, horses, sheep, barns, corn stalks, airplanes, ponds, lakes, billboards, etc. As each item is found it is crossed off the list. The person who finds the most items wins.

4. Unfortunately/ Fortunately

This is a fun game that can lead to a lot of laughter. The game takes the form of a story in short, simple sentences. The game begins with a simple sentence like, “I bought a parakeet yesterday.” The next person then adds a line to the story beginning with “Unfortunately or Fortunately” with each following person alternating between the two beginnings. For example, “Unfortunately, the parakeet flew away.” Then the next person says, “Fortunately, he returned later that night” then “Unfortunately, he brought a group of wild birds with him.”  The story continues with each sentence starting with “fortunately” and “unfortunately” until the story finds a conclusion.

5. The Banana Game

This is a simple game that young children love. You simply have everyone try and see as many yellow vehicles as they can in given time. You can then switch different colors or go with how many semis, trucks, or campers they can spot.

These are just a few examples of games for roads trips. There is a plethora of other road trip games to choose from that will keep everyone engaged and having a great time.

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