drive weather faq

How much?

It's a mere $11.99 / year. That's only 99 cents a month. While Supplies Last!

Does the subscription allow for multiple devices?

With one subscription you can put the app on unlimited devices under the same account. It's not cross platform.

I don't see the weather!

First, make sure the app is not on Radar mode. When radar is showing the weather icons do not show. Second, move the time slider back and forth a bit. Third, check the presentation mode. Tap the icon next to the settings icons (settings icon is on the lower left). Tap All for the Presentation. Fourth, on Android check the thresholds by tapping the "!" icon to the right. Then Tap OFF at the top. Lastly - try doing a new search.

I purchased the app but still have the free version.

Sorry about that, try closing the app and reopening. If that doesn't work do a Restore Subscription. Tap settings icon ( lower left) Tap "Upgrade to PRO"  At the bottom of that page is a Restore Subscription button and follow the prompts.

Wind Speed: Gusts or Sustained?

The default is gusts when they are present which is indicated by a double arrow. In the settings you can switch winds to show sustained which will always show the sustained wind speed and a double arrow when gusts are present.

What do the weather icons mean?

You can see the weather icon legend in the app. Tap the "?" at the bottom of the screen.

I don't see my town in the list

The free version doesn't have every town, very small towns are not included. But if you want me to add a town, let me know. For the most part using the next larger town wont have too much effect on the weather presentation assuming its not too far away. The paid version has every location.

What are the red shaded polygons?

Those are current weather alert areas. They indicate areas of thunderstorms and/or severe weather. The shaded areas on the map are not calculated based on time/distance as the weather on the route is. Often storms develop quickly and the weather forecast which is computer calculated might not pick up on fast developing conditions but the weather alerts will.