drive weather HELP

Below are resolutions to common problems.   Support is personal and fast for both paid and free. I, the founder, handle all the support emails.  Typically I respond within the hour and often within minutes –  so you can expect a quick response.

During this phase in the app’s life there are weekly updates with new features, fixes and tweaks.  Sometimes all these updates cause issues and sometimes I make stupid mistakes.

If you have a problem with the app fill out the form and I am on it. 

– Paxton

Winds: Gusts or Sustained?

By default the app will show the gust wind speed when they are present which is indicated by a double arrow. If there is a single arrow then there are no gusts and the sustained wind speed is shown. In the settings you can switch the default wind format setting to "Sustained" which will always show the sustained wind speed all the time and a double arrow when gusts are present.

I paid for the pro version but still have the free version.

Do a Restore Subscription as follows:

1. Tap settings icon - lower left icon
2. Tap "Upgrade to Pro"
3. At the bottom of that page tap “Restore Subscription” then follow the prompts.

I don't see the weather!

First, make sure the app is not on Radar mode. When radar is showing the weather icons do not show. Second, move the time slider back and forth a bit. Third, check the presentation mode. Tap the icon next to the settings icons (settings icon is on the lower left). Tap All for the Presentation. Fourth, on Android check the thresholds by tapping the "!" icon to the right. Then Tap OFF at the top. Lastly - try doing a new search.

The app doesn't work anymore.

Delete the app and reinstall it. Then if you have the pro version do a restore subscription to get your subscription back.

The forecast is wrong!

1. Ensure the time slider is set to the current time. Unless the time is set to the current time everything will be off. It is easy to move it accidentally.

2. If you don't drive the posted speed limit for cars you will need to adjust the speed factor to tweak the times and forecast for your speed - The speed factor can be set in the config view next to the settings icon.

3. When checking the weather after you’re on a route you have to do a new search starting at your new location (as opposed to the original search before you left). If you open the app and see a route and weather stations behind you (on the map) then everything will be off. There is an Update from Location feature in the settings when enabled it will do this automatically.