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Motorcycles and weather have always been nemeses. Motorcycle riders have a special relationship with their bikes. Like a member of the family, they love their bikes and are protective of them. The feel of the open road is freedom. Freedom is why they ride. However, when the weather turns bad there is no freedom from driving safely.

In most parts of the country there is a motorcycle riding season. The season begins in spring continues through the summer and comes to an end in the fall. Early spring and late fall increase the chances of driving in rain or fog or on snowy and icy roads. As expected, these hazards greatly diminish secure contact with the pavement. This does not mean that a motorcyclist must avoid bad weather or not go on an adventure. It does mean, however, that they should exercise caution while riding. So, for all you bikers who like to drive all year round, here are a few tips for safe travel when the weather turns bad.

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Poor Weather Conditions:

  • Carry extra protective clothing in your saddle bags. Cold temperatures, rain, hail, and wind can chill you and slow your reaction time when riding. Keeping extra protective gear and warm clothing will allow you to stop and dress for the changing weather. Waterproof gear such as waterproof boots, waterproof gloves and a rain suit are a necessity. Additionally, treating your goggles or shield with RainX and anti-fog products will increase your visibility.
  • When roads are wet make sure to slow down and maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles. You will have better control of your bike and avoid making an accident worse.
  • Make sure you are visible to other drivers. Wear bright colored clothing, use reflectors on your motorcycle and hold your brakes while stopped at a light or sign. This way cars behind you are more likely to have a better chance of seeing you in rainy or foggy conditions.
  • On sunnier days makes sure that you stay hydrated and stop often to cool off a bit when traveling for longer distances.
  • If you become to chilled or visibility is difficult, pull over and wait until conditions clear a little whenever possible. Remember it is better to reach your destination late and safe then not reach it at all.
  • When traveling longer distances be aware of the weather conditions all along your route. A good way of keeping track of the weather is with the Drive Weather App. Drive weather is a well-designed, affordable weather app for your smart phone. It allows you to see all the weather conditions along your planned route. The convenient slide at the bottom of the app will help determine the best departure time ensuring you leave at the absolute best time to avoid the worst weather conditions along your route.

Learn more about Drive Weather and see accurate and convenient it is for planning your travels and avoiding bad weather conditions.

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