The Best Weather App for Truckers

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Drive Weather is the best weather app for truckers because its incredibly simple to use, it shows the forecast at each point of your route, and it lets you compare routes, and manage stops for the safest ride!

Drive Weather takes the guess work out of figuring out where and when the bad weather is!

70% of Truckers check the Weather Daily

Drive Weather shows the weather forecast for your route – all at once and just when you’re expected to be at each part of your route!

Better Situational Awareness

Know when the bad weather begins and ends and be better prepared for your drive.

1 in 5 Accidents are Weather Related

It takes under a minute to check the forecast for your route. Better to be safe than sorry when dealing with the weather and driving.

Plan your Stops base on Weather

Interactively add stops, adjust your time, and see how that changes the forecast for your route.

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“I use this every day for my daily trip planning. Very insightful, especially with wind gust estimates when I have light loads in heavy wind areas. Inexpensive for full function, easy to use. I recommend this app daily to people.”
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Bill Olsen
OTR Trucker

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See how easy it is to know the road weather conditions along your route!