See The Weather Forecast Along Your Route!


“Incredibly simple to use”
“Essential app for travel”
“Perfect on the road companion”

See the Weather Forecast Along Your Route

“Incredibly simple to use”
“Essential app for travel”
“Perfect on the road companion”

Road Trip Weather

The Drive Weather App illustrates the National Weather Service’s forecast showing motorists weather along their route at the expected time they will be at each point on their road trip.

Drive Weather takes the guess work out of figuring out when and where the bad weather is! It shows the forecast only on a route based on departure time. The Drive Weather app presents weather, wind speed and direction, temperatures, and radar.

See how easy it is to know the road weather conditions along your route!

Weather Forecast Along Your Route

Drive Weather shows the weather forecast at the expected time at each point of your route or road trip.

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Drive Weather Enroute Forecast
Drive Weather Time Slider

Find the Safest Time to Drive

Drive Weather’s interactive time slider updates the weather forecast based on your departure time in real time.

Have a safer trip by finding the best time to leave and avoid the bad weather!

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Compare Weather on Different Routes

The Drive Weather App lets you easily compare multiple routes, adjust leave time, add stops all so you can find the safest way to get to your destination.

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Compare Weather on Routes
Drive Weather on the Web

Drive Weather On the Web

Follow the interstate weather links to see a simplified version of the Drive Weather App.  The web version shows 12 hours of the forecast and does not calculate start and end times.  All weather shown is for the hour in the slider.

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Each year in the U.S. there are approximately 1.2 million weather-related crashes resulting in nearly 5,000 fatalities and more than 418,000 injuries. The vast majority of these crashes happen on wet pavement and during rainfall.
Wet Pavement
Snow on Pavement
Ice on Pavement

Based on ten year averages 2007-2016 | Source: US Dept of Transportation

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