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Canada Highway 97 Weather, Wind, & Radar Map

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About Canada Highway 97

This map shows the weather conditions, radar and forecast information for Canada Highway 97.

Canada Highway 97 travels through British Columbia. It is 2,081 km (1,293 mi) long, making it the longest highway in any Canadian province as well as being the longest continuously numbered route. Beginning in Osoyoos, British Columbia in the southern near the American border, running north through the entire province of British Columbia ending in the far north region of the Yukon territory at Watson Lake near the Alaskan border.

Connecting at the international border, Highway 97 takes its number from U.S. Route 97 and is made up of several different highways along the length of its route. The highways include: Okanagan Highway, Vernon-Kamploops-Cache-Creek Highway, Cariboo Highway, John Hart Highway, and Alaska Highway. Along the beautiful and scenic route of Canada Highway 97 you will pass by gorgeous bodies of water like, Okanagan Lake passing over on the Willian R. Bennett Bridge, Frasier River, Wood Lake, Kalamalka Lake, Cache Creek, Thompson River and many others. Traveling along this winding corridor you will experience a tree-lined highway of lush forests of evergreens with cascading mountain views.

The final stretch of Highway 97 is part of the Alaska Highway. This section is 965 km (600 mi) long and sparsely populated traveling through only two towns along the way.