I-29 Weather

The map below shows the I29 weather conditions and radar for the next 6 hours. All weather data is provided by the National Weather Service. Interstate 29 is a north/south highway in the Midwestern United States. Spanning 750 miles from Kansas City, MO to Pembina, ND. I29 tracks along the course of 3 rivers.

These rivers are significant as each one creates a borderline between states. Bearing northward I-29 follows the Missouri River, then the Big Sioux River and, finally, the Red River of the north. Midwestern winters are notoriously hazardous for traveling,

I-29 State Weather Links

I-29 Weather, wind, & Radar

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wind direction Thunderstorm Heavy Thunderstorm Hail Heavy Snow Light Snow Snow Fog Heavy Rain Light Rain Rain Dust Storm temperature wind Freezing Rain Light Freezing Rain Freezing Fog Smoke Haze Light Hail
Weather on WEATHER Wind on WIND Temperature on TEMP Radar on RADAR  
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