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About I80

Current and Forecast I80 (Interstate 80) Weather includes cities near I80 such as San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento in California, Reno Nevada, Salt Lake City Utah, Lincoln & Omaha Nebraska, Des Moines Iowa, Toledo Ohio and Hackensack New Jersey. It almost reaches New York City but comes up just 4 miles short, is 2,900 miles long, and is the second longest interstate highway in the US. The final segment of I80 was completed in 1986. This east-west interstate runs through
I80 comes within 10 miles of Chicago, Illinois and Cleveland, Ohio. It traces the Oregon Trail and California Trail and is known as the Keystone Shortway in Pennsylvania. This portion of I-80 in Pennsylvania does not require a toll. Many trace the route of I80 along the historic Lincoln Highway.

Points of Interest on I80

There are many places on the map along I80 that you should visit, including:

  • The World’s Largest Covered Wagon: Weather conditions in Illinois might not always be the best for a ride in a covered wagon, but visiting this historic location can give you an idea of how transportation has changed over the years.
  • Giant Head of Lincoln: I-80 weather might be partly cloudy, but there’s always a chance of seeing the Giant Head of Lincoln.
  • World’s Largest Time Capsule: Forecasts for I-80 weather might show us the near future, but what if you could go the opposite direction in time?
  • Bear River State Park: If you need to spend the night on I-80, stop by Bear River State Park, where balmy weather conditions sometimes offer you a glimpse of local wildlife.
  • Ames Monument: If you think the wind in Wyoming is bad, stand on top of the Ames Monument.
  • Natural Corrals Archeological Site: The temperature of most places along I-80 follows the seasons, but did you know there are ice caves in Superior, Wyoming? With the freezing ground temperature in the winter months, ice forms on the floors of these caves.
  • Wyoming Frontier Prison: This is a great place to visit, especially if you want to get away from the weather to experience a prison (as a free citizen, of course).
  • Empire Mine State Historic Park: The weather forecast probably didn’t mean much to miners back in the day, especially when it came to clouds, rain, and wind gusts.
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park: Travel through the scenic Cuyahoga Valley by train to see how weather conditions and rain along the Cuyahoga River support local wildlife.

The weather forecast along I-80 varies from state to state and day to day. Temperature ranges can change drastically from sunset to sunrise, depending on the time of year.

Little-Known Facts About the Interstate Highway System and I80

Did you know that the Mascot Hall of Fame is on I-80? Located in Whiting, Indiana, this museum pays tribute to the mascots of years past. It’s a great place to stop if you’ve got kids, especially if they love sports. 

Wind speeds of more than 100 miles per hour are possible in some areas along I-80. A typical wind speed along the I-80 route might be around 30-60 miles per hour at any given time.

The Interstate Highway System was originally built to help Americans survive a nuclear attack. While the undertaking was projected to cost about $25 billion, it actually took over 4 times that amount to complete construction. 

The world’s largest drum may not be on I80, but the world’s largest drumsticks are! Stop by Warren, Ohio to visit David Grohl Alley and see the famous oversize drumsticks for yourself.