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I-44 weather conditions, radar and forecast information. Interstate 44 is a 633-mile long east/west Interstate Highway in central United States.  This route runs from Wichita Falls, Texas to St. Louis, Missouri. I44 is one of five Interstates built to replace the famous two-lane highway Route 66 in the early 1950s.

Practically the entire length of I-44 from Springfield, Missouri to St. Louis, Missouri used to be Route 66. This interstate route will take travelers through the tornado belt in the spring and possible blizzard conditions in the winter; therefore, it is good practice to keep an eye on the weather conditions on I44.

This map shows I-44 weather conditions and radar forecast for the next 6 hours.


I-44 Weather, wind, & Radar map

wx legend horizontal
wx legend mobile
wind direction Thunderstorm Heavy Thunderstorm Hail Heavy Snow Light Snow Snow Fog Heavy Rain Light Rain Rain Dust Storm temperature wind Freezing Rain Light Freezing Rain Freezing Fog Smoke Haze Light Hail
Weather on WEATHER Wind on WIND Temperature on TEMP Radar on RADAR  
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