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How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

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Road trips are a great way to have fun, enjoy the world we live in and bond with friends and family. However, like any vacation it does take some careful planning to create a road trip that everyone will enjoy.

Here are some tips that will help you to plan the perfect road trip.

Plan Your Route and Stops

Part of the fun of a road trip is making stops along the way to visit various attractions or to engage in fun activities or side trips. Planning stops and activities will make certain that there is something for everyone to enjoy and experience.
When planning the trip keep things a little loose by including extra time between stops to account for possible complications like construction work, accidents, or traffic delays. This will ease the anxiety of being on time and keeping on schedule.
Also making sure to include some free time in your agenda will create extra time if you decide to stay a little longer in one place or find that something is taking a little longer to do than expected.
Less stress equals more fun.

Download the Drive Weather App

Download and install the Drive Weather App. Accessing this app on your phone is a convenient way to check the weather in route providing the opportunity to make alternate plans if the weather is too bad for safe traveling.

Make Sure You Have A Reasonable Budget For Your Trip

There is nothing worse than starting out on a road trip and running out money short of your destination. Make sure that you have the budget to easily accommodate the planned road trip. If traveling with friends rather than family, make sure they know how much they will need to contribute for expenses, such as, gas, lodging and food.

Prepare Your Car for a Long Road Trip

Before setting out for the open road have your car looked over by a licensed mechanic and make sure it is in good working order. A mechanic will provide a detailed inspection of the car, including, checking all the hoses and belts, check for radiator or oils leaks, check or change oil, check/rotate tires and inform you of any problems that need to be fixed. This one detail can relieve a lot of predeparture jitters.

Find Ways to Save Money Where You Can

Even if you have set a generous budget for your trip you may still want to save money along the way when you can. Doing this will afford you more money for extra stops and side trips while on the road.
Some ways to cut costs would be to pack a cooler with sandwiches and snacks to save money on eating out. By packing meals, you will be able to stop at rest areas for a picnic and a reflecting on your adventures together. If traveling with younger children, these stops will allow them to run around and burn off a little energy making the time they spend in the car seem a little less confining.

Find Ways To Keep Everyone Occupied

Road trips, especially long stretches on the road, can lead to intense boredom for the passengers. Be prepared with some tactics to keep everyone on the trip occupied with fun things to do. This can include such things like books on tape, sing-a-longs, and road trip games that are age appropriate and include everyone.

The Trip Home

While planning for a road trip people invest plenty of time to carefully strategize the itinerary for traveling to their destination. However, most fail to consider the trip home. An exhausting return drive can put a sour ending to even the best road trip. Instead of driving straight through or in long, uncomfortable stretches plan some stops for sightseeing and activities to engage in on the trip home. Planning this way will break up the trip home and ensure a memorable family trip.

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