I-15 Weather

Weather conditions on I-15, a 1,430 miles long major north/south highway in the west connecting the southwest desert to the mountainous regions northward across the Continental divide. I-15 traverses the country originating in San Diego, California with a short trip across lower Nevada moving north through Utah and Idaho to the Canadian border at Sweet Grass Montana. The northern portion of the route becomes more rural headed towards and arriving in Sweet Grass, MT.

The fact that Interstate I 15 passes through deserts and mountains travelers will be exposed to inclement weather conditions. Due to such change in the weather, the necessity to remain conscious of I 15 weather conditions while traveling becomes imperative. The map below shows I 15 weather conditions and radar the next 6 hours.

I-15 Weather State links

I-15 Weather and Radar

wx legend mobile
wind direction Thunderstorm Heavy Thunderstorm Hail Heavy Snow Light Snow Snow Fog Heavy Rain Light Rain Rain Dust Storm temperature wind Freezing Rain Light Freezing Rain Freezing Fog Smoke Haze Light Hail
Weather on WEATHER Wind on WIND Temperature on TEMP Radar on RADAR  
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