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About I5

I5 (Interstate 5 or I-5) is the western-most north-south highway that runs parallel to the Pacific Coast and is 1,381 miles long. In fact, it is the only highway in the United States to connect Canada to Mexico. To the north, it turns from I5 in the U.S. to British Columbia Highway 99, and to the south, it travels south towards Tijuana. Though I5 only travels through three states (California, Oregon, and Washington), the path was first paved by intrepid explorers during the early 1900s. 

Truth be told, those automotive trails actually followed the Siskiyou Trail, which was a Native American footpath way before cars were even invented. Trappers used the route in the 1800s on their journeys, so suffice it to say that Interstate 5 is and has been a main thoroughfare across America.

The last section of I5 was completed in California’s Central Valley, in 1979. It cost about $2 billion to complete. Representatives from both Canada and Mexico were present at the commemoration ceremony, making it a true gathering of North American citizens. Today, the West Coast Clean Transit Corridor Initiative started in 2019 with plans to build along this route.

Sights to See Along I5

If you’re visiting one of the three states along I5, here are some tourist spots you’ll want to see:

  • Folsom Prison Museum: You don’t have to be a prisoner to visit Folsom Prison, the subject of one of Johnny Cash’s famous songs.
  • National Yo-Yo Museum: Here you’ll find the world’s largest yo-yo and the site of the annual National Yo-Yo Championship.
  • Lake Shasta Caverns: Geology fans will love this stop, which features caverns, boat rides, and plenty of ancient history locked in rock formations.
  • Mount St. Helens Visitor Center: Last erupting in 1980, Mount St. Helens is still wondrous to behold. You can even buy the right to walk up to the caldera, if you’d like.
  • Museum of Glass: Fans of glassblowing will enjoy this stop on I5, which features blown glass sculptures by the likes of Dale Chihuly.
  • The Museum of Flight: This museum is one to definitely put on your bucket list for I5. It features some of the most iconic planes with plenty of history to boot.
  • Yreka Dragon: If you’re looking for a reference point along I-5, look no further than this dragon statue. It’s a piece of public art that waves you on as you travel north towards Oregon.

There are many cities and sights along the I-5 drive, all of them waiting for you to make memories there.