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Washington Oregon Coast Road Trip

washington oregon road trip
Washington Coast Road Trip

Highway 101 called the Oregon Coast Road in Oregon and the Pacific Coast Road in California is one of the most scenic roads in the entire USA. If you are looking to take a road trip with spectacular views and plenty of other things to do then consider traveling from the Northern tip of Washington to the Southern tip of Oregon.

Road Trip Summary

From a scenic perspective this road has just about everything you and your family could want. Miles upon miles of sparkling blue water, lush dense forests and a variety of interesting and rocky beaches with plenty of observation points where you can get out and walk a bit, or simply sit and enjoy the beauty of one point or another. There is also plenty to do along the route including both beach towns and fishing villages to explore, taking in a bit of whale watching, or getting out and spending a few hours hiking, climbing sand dunes or checking out some truly magnificent lighthouses.

Some of the must see places include:

The Columbia River Gorge – The largest scenic area in the US there is much more to do here than simply enjoy the view. There are trails you can hike, Boardsailing you can try as well as historical museums and some really great dining.

Sea Lion Caves – Located in Florence, Oregon is a great place to see some colorful caves and get a great view of sea lions in their natural habitat.Portlanda Oregon is a great place to stop and stroll down one of the streets of colorful houses that look like something out of a fairy tale.

Cannon Beach is a great place to stop for picnic, walk along beach collecting drift wood or sea shells and view the majestic haystack rock. If you’re traveling with kids it is a great place for building sand castles and for breathing in the fresh salt air.

– for those who want to add a little history to their road trip Astoria, the last stop on the Lewis and Clark expedition is well worth a visit.

Coos Bay – The largest city on the Oregon coast is a great place to stop and learn something about the history of shipbuilding. There are also plenty of places to shop and eat as well as a number of museums worth visiting.

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Planning Your Road Trip

When packing for your trip down the Oregon coast temperatures can vary even during the summer months so pack layers of clothing including some rain gear and don’t forget to check the weather for your route when you start out each day. Making sure you have proper clothing will make your trip down on the Washington-Oregon Coast far more fun and exciting.